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Complementary Practices in Substance/Opioid Use Disorder Counseling: Neurofeedback

1.0 CE

Learning Objectives: Participants will be able to:

  • Describe the training process to basic instrumentation
  • Identify mechanisms of neurophysiological self-regulation and how specific patterns of dysregulation lead to physical, emotional, and behavioral symptoms
  • Review neurofeedback instrumentation that exercises the brains mechanisms of self-regulation and improves brain function
  • Identify research outcomes to support incorporating neurofeedback into S/OUD clinical practice

Instructors: Dr. Daniel Long and Cassandra Homick

Dr. Long is a clinical psychologist and board-certified neurofeedback therapist. In 2009, Dr. Long founded the West Virginia University MindFit Clinic, establishing WVU as one of the very first universities in the nation to offer a comprehensive program that employs both cognitive training and neurofeedback for students with ADHD and other cognitive concerns.

Ms. Homick is a doctoral student in the WVU counseling psychology program. Her research focuses on risk factors and resilience in adolescent girls and first-year college women. At present, she is developing her clinical skills in assessment in a hospital setting.

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